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Well, what can I say... as my friend Kevin says: "...what can I say that the Danish tabloids haven't already?" Ask if you want to know :o)

I'm a 32 year old male from Denmark...
Like music... books... the outdoors... recently started bowling - and really enjoying that.

I've been diagnosed with Morbus Forrestier (dish) which is a type of "arthritis" in my back. It will make the vertebras in my spine stiff at some point.

I always want to try impossible things when it comes to webdesign and likes working with databases. Always thought MS Access was the answer to all my prayers - but recently found out that SQL isn't that bad either (he he) - and after that followed PHP. So now I'm trying to use that as much as I can. Latest project is trying to knit together a webbased calender/booking system for a friend.