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Top! Mugshots of me Pics of "my" dogs My 30th birthday! Summer holidays 2004 Jyllands Park Zoo 03.07.2005 My cars ;o)
The Photo-albums is an ongoing project at the moment!
I'm still having a brain-wave about which direction to take this project... and not really made up my mind about it so far. Think I've got the album list on the left side sorted out - and perhaps the thumbnails of the album. But besides that... I'm fucked! :o)

Oi you nosey git!
What are you looking at?

Pick an album on the left to see the photos...

I know - this is probably the area on my website that needs attention. Need to find a nice way to string together some albums and make them easy to update and so on. I'm sure it'll happen - at some point ;o)